About Us

For five years we have been working in the security segment with a wide variety of requirements. Due to this experience we are able to offer the whole spectrum of security services in Mannheim, but also nationwide.

Your qualified partner

HB Security has specialized in security services since its foundation. Of course, the customer and his needs are in the foreground of our activities. We reward the trust placed in us with competence and flexibility. We use modern security technologies, which are adapted to the respective requirements.

We are there when you need a qualified partner for security and service.

High-quality safety concepts

We assure you our fullest support in difficult situations. You can reach us at any time on our telephone number. The analysis of the initial situation for which our service will operate is the basis of our security concept. We assess the current security needs and show the appropriate measures with a realistic budget. 

With high quality technology and security concepts our alarm center acts and offers you all possibilities of modern surveillance technology

Quality management

We offer you the opportunity to participate financially after a previously developed framework agreement, so-called “bad services” with regard to the service to be provided and their quality standards through continuous quality measurement. Through this you have the chance to participate in financing after previous framework agreement on the services provided and their quality standards.

 Combined safety model

Combine “mobile” and “static” security technologies with residential security and services for a “fixed” monthly flat rate within 24-60 months.

Combined service model

Combine facility management and security technologies in “mobile” and “static” areas with individual security and services.

What does this mean for your company?

  • financial compensation in favor of the client
  • Increase in safety quality
  • Continuous QM
  • involvement and disclosure to the client
  • innovative object management
  • motivation of the employees
  • personal contact person

"The safety of our customers, their guests or visitors, the objects entrusted to us, the entrusted responsibility and the trust placed in us is our at heart."

Dorkan Seis, Managing Director HB Security GmbH

Our Service

Whether large retail, department stores, residential and commercial properties or public facilities, our security service shows presence. With high-quality technology and security concepts, our alarm center acts and offers you all the possibilities of modern surveillance technology.

We have a complete package for events of any kind- from sporting events to large festivals and political events. State-of-the-art technology and qualified security staff provide round-the-clock protection.

Objektschutz und Werkschutz

Personal protection and escort

Vulnerability analysis and risk management


Emergency phone

Especially in emergency situations, it is often the case that you are under a slight shock and cannot remember an emergency number or other important phone numbers. For such cases we are here for you!

+49 [0] 621 159 666 01

Our guarantee

Above all, we promise you:

  • Punctuality
  • Qualified employees
  • Competence
  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Appreciation
  • Experience

Come in contact with us

You would like to know more about us and our services? Or have questions about the contents of this website? Write us your message and we will take care of your request immediately!


Rhenaniastraße 104-106
68219 Mannheim

Telefon & E-Mail

Telefon: +49 [0] 621 159 666 01
E-Mail: info@hb-security.com

    Rhenaniastraße 104-106
    68219 Mannheim

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