Vulnerability Analysis &
Risk Management

Vulnerability Analysis

Our vulnerability analysis gives us the possibility to optimize the security and to integrate all analytical information directly into the “ACTUAL” process.

Through the complete detection of security leaks and lost comands in relation to the existing security technology as well as facilities or security personnel, the explicit situation of the current security level can be presented.

Based on the analysis results, the weak points of external and internal security, technology and personnel deployment can be optimized and thus the security level and security quality can be vehemently improved.
Individual weakpoint analysis and conceptual design! The creation of a Weakpoint Concept Diagram shows all individual areas that show deficiencies or will show significant failures in the future.
First, the company collects data and reviews all of the company’s processes. The purpose of the review is to analyze all aspects of the company’s processes and find out what defects are slowing them down or making them worse. After that, we check the cause based on the results of the inspection. Thus, effectiveness is 100% guaranteed!

Risk Management

In the form of a unique “security check”, we offer obligated parties as well as personnel and service providers the opportunity to independently evaluate current security standards. Only in this way can you, as the person responsible, really understand the so-called “ACTUAL state” of the object security! By analyzing the risk value and evaluating the current and future security assets, you get a visualization tool that helps you minimize and even completely eliminate risks.

These unannounced “security checks” result in the disclosure of all internal and external agreements and preparations made by employees or contracted service providers, giving you the opportunity to improve and optimize processes. Thus, the so-called “ACTUAL” state is always optimally Up 2 Date as far as the specified process flow is concerned!

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